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A learning IDE for coders

A course creator for coders

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Versal Code (beta) is an open cloud-based integrated development environment (IDE) designed for eLearning. 

Whether you teach CompSci in the classroom or train developers on your company's APIs, instantly create  programming courses and inspire learners to code the future.

A simple yet powerful IDE UI

Approachable for learners, but plenty of voltage under the hood for experts.

Advanced visibility controls

Customize what parts of the IDE are visible to learners. Keep them focused!

Full-screen mode

Immerses learners in coding exercises, yet lets them easily refer back to tutorials.

Side-by-side programming

Split screen so learners can easily check their results in real-time.

Learner submissions

Lets learners submit their work directly from Versal Code for instructor feedback.

Markdown support

Upload README files or write your documentation directly in Versal Code.


Language support 

During the beta, Versal Code is limited to the Javascript programming language and related components (HTML and CSS), and has passed early tests with the React framework. 

jQuery and AngularJS may work (or may not), and will be officially supported in the next couple of months. We plan to add other languages such as TypeScript and CoffeeScript in the near future.

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Versal Code is built into our popular eLearning platform (see below). Yet with its own deep set of features, it deserves the spotlight:

Learn more about Versal's course authoring and LMS featuressign in

Part of the legendary Versal authoring platform

While Versal Code delivers a super easy way to create instructional coding projects, it's also part of Versal's interactive course creator and LMS.

This means that your coding assignments and projects can be easily augmented with all kinds of cool stuff - videos, sorting games, surveys, and interactive quizzes to ensure what you're teaching sticks. Even embed Google Docs, PDFs and more. 

And when you're done creating?  Versal has many options for delivering courses - including directly via Versal, or embedding in your own LMS, blog or website.